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Compared to cars of 20 years ago, today’s automobiles are engineering marvels. Electronic ignition and computer controls have made the deterioration of a car’s performance hardly noticeable. It seems that all you need to do is gas up and go.

This has lead to many car owners to practice expensive “Reactionary Maintenance.” They continue to drive the car as long as it runs OK. When it doesn’t start, sounds funny, or the “Check Engine” light pops on, they finally realize they must do something. Often this is the beginning of a costly cycle of major repairs caused from neglect.

In contrast, if the car owner exercised “Preventive Care” small problems would not have developed into huge repair bills. Preventive care is simply following the scheduled maintenance the manufacture recommends in the owner’s manual. This schedule is there for a reason - to keep a car in the best mechanical condition so it lasts longer. They should know, they designed and built the car!

At Affordable Automotive, we are here to help you practice preventative care. We do this by giving you a free Preventative Maintenance Plan for each of your vehicles. All that is needed to generate your plan is the year, make, model, engine description, and odometer reading.

This report shows what maintenance is needed to make your car run better and last longer. We can also tell you the most common repairs performed on your model of car through our extensive network of repair professionals. This allows us to watch for mechanical failures before they happen.

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