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A Free Preventive Maintenance Plan
For All Your Vehicles

We believe that preventive maintenance of your automobile is one of the best investments you can make. It's simple, the better you take care of your car the longer it will last. It will also be worth more when it is time to sell it or trade it in for another vehicle.

Every car comes with a owner's manual which gives you a list of scheduled maintenance that needs to be performed at certain mileage intervals. Unfortunately, these manuals rarely see the light of day and are lost in the glove box for eternity. Scheduled maintenance is often missed and eventually paid for in the form of a costly repair

At Affordable Automotive we have a remedy for this problem. We have the capability of producing for you a report of preventive maintenance that your vehicle requires based on it's current mileage. We assist you with knowing what maintenance is needed according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Our system can also alert you to common problems that others have had with the same make and model of car. Many auto repairs are pretty predictable across manufactures. With this knowledge, you can take action before you break down on the highway.

All we need from you is the year, make, model, mileage, and engine type of each of your vehicles. We will then send you a personal Preventive Maintenance Plan for each. There is no obligation on your part. If you wish to discuss an issue with your car or would like to schedule an appointment, we are at your service. If not, we hope you use this plan to maintain your vehicles so they last and are worth more to you later on.   

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